Codes Checker

The NiteStats Code Checker is a bulk Fortnite/Epic Games code validator/checker. This allows you to enter up to 500 different codes, and it gives you all the info about it and whether or not it is valid, used, inactive, or invalid.


Join the NiteStats discord server where there are various bots and tools targeted at dataminers and used to track Fortnite related content and data. There is also a general discussion area if you'd just like to chat or ask some questions :)

Fortnite Progress

Watch as the Fortnite Season progresses in real-time with a progress bar and countdown.

API Docs

The NiteStats API allows you to access our data directly in different formats, such as Json, which can easily be parsed. It also has several different Fortnite-related tools, which can help you in programming different scripts.

Much more coming soon...