Codes Checker

The NiteStats Code Checker is a bulk Fortnite/Epic Games code validator/checker. This allows you to enter up to 50 different codes, and it gives you all the info about it and whether or not it is valid, used, inactive, or invalid.

NS-Hash Checker

NS-Hash allows sellers/givers to give their clients a certain hash/ID (generated using the Codes Checker), which tells them whether or not a code is legit or not using the NiteStats NS-Hash Checker, all without actually giving them the code, just to prove it is legit!

Fortnite API

The Fortnite API page is an easy-to-read (JSON beautified) wrapper, for the major endpoints. This allows you to check all the new in-game content, such as the item shop, current LTMs, etc.. This page is updated automatically every 60 seconds, and requires no authentication.

API Docs

The NiteStats API allows you to access our data directly in different formats, such as Json, which can easily be parsed. It also has several different Fortnite-related tools, which can help you in programming different scripts.