NS-Hash Checker

NS-Hash Checker


What is NS-Hash?

NS-Hash allows sellers/givers to give their clients a certain hash/ID (generated using the Codes Checker), which tells them whether or not a code is legit or not using the NiteStats NS-Hash Checker, all without actually giving them the code!


Why would it be useful?

Say you are a codes seller, and your clients don't necessarily "trust" you, or they want proof of the legitimacy; you can just send them an NS-Hash, and have them put it in to see for themselves that it is valid. Same thing for a giveaway. An NS-Hash can be as public as you want!


Is it safe/secure?

The NS-Hash algorithm and data storing is very secure. All data is stored in an encrypted storage system on the local server, not available to the public. Furthermore, every code is then encrypted using a custom secure algorithm, which makes it basically impossible to crack. Point is, its safe.